Who made ScreenKeeper?
ScreenKeeper was developed by Reach Health Promotion Innovations (Reach HPI), a West Australian company focussed on using new technology to improve health outcomes for Australians.

Is ScreenKeeper affiliated with the Department of Health or the Cancer Council?
No. ScreenKeeper was developed by Reach HPI as a tool to assist Australians in managing their health screens. However, every effort has been made to ensure that the content of the application is in line with current Health Department and Cancer Council recommendations.

What cancer screens does ScreenKeeper track?

ScreenKeeper tracks breast screening (mammograms) and cervical screening (pap smears) for women, prostate examinations for men, and bowel screening (faecal occult blood tests) for both men and women.

Does ScreenKeeper track skin examinations?
No. The Cancer Council Australia and Australian Collage of Dermatologists do not currently recommend mass or population-based skin cancer screening. More information is available here.

Are prostate examinations part of a population screening program?
No. The Cancer Council Australia and the Screening Subcommittee of the Australian Population Health Development Principal Committee does not currently recommend mass or population-based prostate screening. However, men with a family history or other risk factors may be recommended by their GP to receive examinations. More information is available here.

Will ScreenKeeper always contain up-to-date information in line with current recommendations?
Yes. As Health Department recommendations change over time, ScreenKeeper will be updated with new information.

Is ScreenKeeper available outside of Australia?
No. Many countries have different recommendations and population screening programs. ScreenKeeper is only available in Australia at this time.

Does ScreenKeeper collect any personal information about me?
All data you enter into ScreenKeeper is stored on your device only. No data or personal information is transmitted to any server, except if you chose to email us for support. Read our full privacy policy.

Can I suggest an improvement or additional feature, or report a problem with the app?
Yes. Please contact us using the following form.